Welcome to Montreal’s foremost Burlesque and Variety destination, The Wiggle Room. Located in the heart of Montreal’s notorious St. Laurent Boulevard, across from Schwartz’s, The Wiggle Room is the Bootleg Baby of this city’s Bawdy family tree. Born out of a desire to bring a traditional Vaudeville spirit back to the street that was once known as Montreal’s “hardened artery,” The Wiggle Room is committed to providing high quality live shows, six nights a week. And on the seventh, we rest!

The Wiggle Room is Montreal’s new home for burlesque, comedy, live music, Improv, performance workshops and of course, cocktails! Stay tuned for event information, casting calls and all the exciting news. And remember, “A Little Wiggle Goes a Long Way!”

Jeremy Hechtman - Jeremy Hechtman Proprietor Jeremy Hechtman is probably best know for having been the producer of the Montreal Fringe Festival for 15 years and the founding Artistic Director of MainLine Theatre for the last 7 years. During his 20 plus year career in theatre he has been called; a loveable rogue, an idiot savant, a village […]
Frenchy Jones - Frenchy Jones General Manager The blossoming career of Frenchy Jones began unexpectedly in 2008 after she accidentally tumbled headlong into a barrel of sparkles. Ever since, she has been bumping and grinding her way into the hearts and trousers of Montreal’s burlesque affectionados. Improvisation, joie de vivre, quirkiness and sometimes just plain silliness are all […]
Yael Perez / Miss Meow - Yael Perez / Miss Meow Box Office, Marketing and Social Media Yael Perez is a plus size model, burlesque performer, size acceptance activist and crazy cat lady. More than that, she s also the first face you’ll see when you walk into the Wiggle Room! Known for her bright smile and excellent customer service, she’ll […]