The Dirty Filthy Pub Quiz – Beaver Edition

pub quiz june 29

IT’S BACK!!! That’s right. The Wiggle Room’s dirtiest, nastiest, filthiest, raunchiest night of entertainment is upon us, once again. The Dirty Filthy Pub Quiz returns with The Beaver Edition just in time for Canada Day. How much do you really know about this great country of ours and more specifically, do you know why it’s called Dildo, Newfoundland? We bet you don’t… but you can. Plus, you can win yourself some amazing prizes for knowing about the Great WET North. Ok, not a great pun but you get the idea. Come out and have some of our delicious cocktails and take part in a pub quiz like no other. There will be prizes, craziness and a it’s hosted by the the king of all things dirty, the Divine Danny D. Best part is… IT’S FREE!!!! So come out and show us what you know.

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