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Britney. All you have to do is say her name and a thousand reactions follow. Britney is more than just a name, more than just a pop star. Britney is a legacy. Britney is a tragedy. In a way, we are all Britney. We’ve grown up with her. We’ve watched her reach the top of the world, and we’ve seen her fall. Her triumphs feel like our own; and when her heart breaks so do ours. Even though the twinkle in her eye has long ago faded, and there are rumors that she’s been admitted to a psychiatric facility against her will (#freebritney) we have stayed by her side. Or at the very least, Thomas Leblanc has. Tranna Wintour has basically given up. But the two Montreal comedians can agree that there is no other pop star who elicits the emotional response that Britney does. And so it only makes sense that the duo who brought you the wildly popular Sainte Céline will now take you on a deep dive into the life and times of Ms. Britney Jean Spears.

Join Tranna and Thomas and their cast of incredible, multidisciplinary performers for the journey of a lifetime. From the Mickey Mouse Club to “I’m a Slave 4 U”; from “Baby One More Time” to that infamous umbrella; from Louisiana to Vegas, Being Britney will leave no stone unturned.

Advance tickets: $25
Door: $30
The Wiggle Room

CW: This show deals with themes related to mental health. Please be assured that this show is 100% supportive of Britney and her recovery and 100% critical of the system that abused her and benefited from her.